Terrier Max (Patton Oswalt) is coping with some major life changes. His owner (Ellie Kemper) is now married and has a toddler, Liam. Max is so worried about protecting the boy that he develops a nervous tic. On a family trip to a farm, Max and mutt Duke (Eric Stonestreet) encounter canine-intolerant cows, hostile foxes and a terrifying turkey, all of which only elevates Max’s anxiety. Luckily, Max gets some guidance from veteran farm dog Rooster (Harrison Ford, making his animated-film debut), who pushes Max to ditch his neuroses, find his inner alpha, and give Liam a little more freedom.

CAST: Patton Oswalt, Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell

DIRECTOR: Chris Renaud

RUN TIME: 86 min

Eastern Hills Cinema
Williamsville, NY
6:00 PM,8:00 PM
Flix Stadium 10
Lancaster, NY
6:00 PM,7:55 PM,9:50 PM
Lakewood Cinema 8
Lakewood, NY
6:30 PM,8:30 PM
Warren Mall Cinemas
Warren, PA
6:30 PM,8:30 PM