La Bayadere (Paris Opera Ballet)
La Bayadere (Paris Opera Ballet)

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Starring: Aurélie Dupont, Josua Hoffalt, Ludmila Pagliero
Director: Alexandre Tarta
Genre: Ballet
Run Time: 180 Minutes
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Synopsis: La Bayadère (a “Temple Dancer”) tells the story of bayadère Nikiya and warrior Solor, who have sworn eternal fidelity to each other. The High Brahmin, however, is also in love with Nikiya. When he finds out about her relationship with Solor, he rushes to reveal this secret to the Rajah as this one has selected Solor to be the fiancé of his daughter Gamzatti. Nikiya, unaware of the arrangement, agrees to dance at the couple’s betrothal celebrations. Madly jealous, the High Brahmin, in an effort...MORE
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La Bayadere (Paris Opera Ballet)

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